Meet the artist Ray Tenorio

Ray A. Tenorio was born in La Habana, Cuba. After 3 years of study Social Communication at Universidad de La Habana, he moved to USA where completed his Associates degree in Graphic and Commercial Arts at Miami Dade College. While doing his Associates degree on Art, Ray went to study in Germany Illustration Design at AID Berlin.
Ray lives in Miami, USA. He began freelancing as designer even before completed his studies. Despite of his design jobs, his illustrations are considered Art. Most of his work is influenced by Latin roots, Expressionism, urban mythology and fashion. He brings a fresh and unique way to incorporate all these elements in one piece. In his own words:
I’m a visual artist who love the idea of synergy. Fascinated with Expressionism, Surrealism and the way we people interact with art. I love to create a conversation between my illustrations and the audience, not a direct one, but a soul deep dialogue. Beauty, sensuality, abstraction and joy is part of my work. I invite you all to be part of my fairytale world.